A unique way to attract  more diverse clients, to reduce costs, frustrations and create an outstanding customer experience 


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Touch Forms in English
Touch Forms in English

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Touch Forms in French

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Patent No. GB2479757
Patent Pending Worldwide No. 1522187.2

Access any of your documents  in a multitude of languages, instantly switching between you and your  customer. 

Let us convert your documents into hundreds of languages !

How can Touch Form help your business?

Saving Money

Reducing translator and interpreter costs could save a huge ammount of money and increase sales.

Working Enviroment

Experiencing a better customer care will reduce frustrations and increase employee job satisfaction.

Instant Access

Being able to access all your documents easily on a tablet for instant use will increase efficiency and compliance.

International Customers

A unique way to open communication and break down language barriers will attract global customers.

Understanding your customer is essential to growing your business.


How it works?
  • Simply send us your documents, menus or forms and we will upload them for you in to our Touch Form App.

  • Tell us how many languagues you require and any special requests.

  • Use your special code to access any multi language document for instant use on your Tablet.

  • Print your documents, save to your device or e-mail to your administration department.

It's as simple as that!

Unitalk Ltd

Multi Award Winning Touch Phrase Technology

UniTalk® is a unique ‘Communications Technology and Software’ Company that opens and enhances global communication across a diverse range of complex scenarios.

UniTalk’s Communication Technology is aimed directly at evolving current markets for businesses and the public sector including creating safe and easily accessible communication platforms for people of all ages and abilities together with breaking down language barriers instantly for millions of individuals.


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